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AHS6610 Wilmington Week 6 Human Service Agency Board Member Interview

Week 6 Board Member Interview Assignment

1. Review the course materials for this week on conducting an interview and the relationship between board members and executive directors. Use this information to finalize and conduct your interview with the board member you selected in Week 5.

2. Interview the board member to gain his or her perspective on the relationship between the board and the Executive Director. Your questions should allow the board member to describe the challenges and opportunities associated with membership on a human service agency board.

3. Write a 3-5 page APA formatted paper summarizing the interview:

  • Include your analysis and observations about the board member’s service to the human service agency,
  • Include a summary of the location and atmosphere of the interview.
  • Include your interview questions as an attachment to your paper.

Relationship between Executive Director and the Board:………

Interview Resources:………

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