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Accounting Career Virtual Fieldtrip

Click on the following link, and watch the video:…

After learning about Chris Cobb’s career with Vera Bradley, discuss the following:

  • Begin your discussion by stating Mr. Cobb’s full name & his position at the time of the video (i.e. – what’s his title at Vera Wang).
  • List some of the “highlights” of Mr. Cobb’s journey throughout his career.
  • What does Chris mean when he says, “Accounting is the language of business”? Do you agree with him?
  • Explain the differences in a career with a small accounting firm or with a single company, versus working for one of the Big 4 firms. Which do you think you would prefer, and why?
  • Did anything Mr. Cobb discussed in this video regarding an accounting career surprise you?
  • What was the most beneficial information you learned from watching this video?

Your reply must be a minimum of 3 complete paragraphs Please carefully proofread your post before submission.

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