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ACC1 Strayer Univeristy Week 4 Number Cruncher vs Strategic Thinker Paper

I need a 2-3 page paper that takes a set of financial records from a fictional or real company and tries to determine what would happen if something changed withing the company. You will identify something you want to change, and then try to determine the impact of that change. You must 1. Identify something you want to change in the company and explain the impact of the change 2. Identify a financial report related to the proposed change and explain how the use of this report will influence your decision-making and 3. Identify how information or processes not directly related to accounting will be impacted by the proposed change. At least one reference must be cited. I’ve attached the full instructions below for reference. This assignment must be completed by 5:00 PM EST on Sunday, July 28th.

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