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Academy of Healing Arts Massage Reflection on End Life Simulation Paper

After doing end life simulation which was about a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and knew that she will pass away in 6 months. The simulation lab show the woman reaction after being told that she will die in a period of 6 months and how she was angry and then how she lived under hospice care at her house until she passed away.I need to answer these questions as a reflection of the simulation lab:

  1. How will you use this end-of-life experience to inform your nursing practice?
  2. What communication skills did you learn and how can you use them in applying these in your profession?
  3. Did you see a satisfactory resolution to the ethical dilemmas presented? What would you have done differently if you had participated in this experience?
  4. Has this end-of-life simulation experience changed or deepened your opinion/beliefs about death and dying? Please elaborate.

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