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A online test from 11-12am TODAY

It’s on MONDAY JULY 30TH BETWEEN 11 AND 12. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE HOUR TO COMPELTE IT. We will get and begin the test at 11am. The delivery time has nothing to do with it.

The format and structure of Midterm II is exactly the same as Midterm I as attached.

1. True or False qusetion. I can do this part and send you answers, just copy and paste the answer in your excel.

2+3. Calculate question. All formulas could be found in 4 resposne sheets as attached. (econ

The excel skills required: Graphing: Sorting, filtering, and deleting duplicates,Matching (VLOOKUP INDEX-MATCH), Pivot Tables,Histogram, Correlations, Scatter Plots and Line of best fit, Summary Statistics Excel

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