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6-1 Assignment: Efficiency and Effectiveness

Overview: This assignment will allow you to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. It will also assist you in using software for a professional presentation. Prompt: Provide a layout of your selected company that fulfills the critical elements below. Justify your reasoning for the important points mentioned. The audience for this document may be a manager, customer, or client related to the service or product provided by the organization. Consider that this document may need to be approved by your audience or by external sources such as government entities. Note: Provide enough detail to give the viewer a good sense of the layout and its important aspects. However, the chart does not have to be so detailed that you are providing electrical and plumbing diagrams, for instance.

The following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Provide a workflow for a selected company, with justification.

II. Describe the efficiency and effectiveness of the provided layout.

III. Describe customer or client convenience issues related to the layout.

IV. Address safety, environmental, and ergonomics issues related to the layout of the selected company.

Guidelines for Submission: Use Microsoft Office products such as Excel and PowerPoint (or similar products, such as OpenOffice) as you create your submission. Create and submit one document in JPG, PDF, PPT, or DOC format.

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