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4.2 – Assignment: Critical Thought Exercise (PLG1)

The length of the paper will be 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, using an average of 600 words. Critical thought of the issue must be and derived from the course, with references, and written in a manner that demonstrates a mastery of the issue, with an effective analysis that incorporates both the proper subject matter vocabulary, that clearly explains the issue and a writing style that reflects the conduct of APA. No title page required.


The CEO of a large air taxi and charter services wants to ensure that cockpit crews get some type of human factors training. Should human factors training be just for cockpit crews or should the entire organization receive human factors training? Explain and justify your response by applying human factors techniques and terminology and briefly state some risks and hazards associated with human performance.

Your papers must demonstrate a comprehension of the issue based on facts, not opinion. Facts may be from the course or other stated references. Opinions must be corroborated by references.

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