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3 Discussions 350 words each

discussion 1: Research Evaluation

Review the attached article for discussion 1 by Banai, Stefanidis, Shetach, and Özbek’s 2014, “Attitudes Toward Ethically Questionable Negotiation Tactics: A Two-Country Study.” Evaluate the authors’ method and contribution to the literature. On page 681, the authors note that their model explains 28 percent of the total variance. What do you believe are some other factors that help explain the other 72 percent of the variation?

350 words …cover page not required

discussion 2: Negotiation Case Study

Review Case 11-1, “Deere Cost Management,” on page 318–319 of your Purchasing and Supply Management textbook. If you were Jim, how would you use the information in the case in his negotiation with the vendor?

350 words … cover page not required

discussion 3: Negotiation Modes of Communication

Review the attached article for discussion 3 Halpern’s 2013 , “Outsourcing Negotiations: Skills and Tactics.” In particular, consider the author’s comments about various forms of negotiation (in-person, phone, and video). Can you suggest some possible research questions, based on practitioner literature that this might provoke?

350 words… cover page not required

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