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2 write-up assignment

1: Please watch the video and answer the question below.…

(If the link does not work in your computer, you can also access the video through MyLab & Mastering. Go to the homepage of MyOMLab and look for the video in the Multimedia library. The video is from Ch 16 and is titled “Lean Operations at Alaska Airlines”)

Identify at least five (5) lean initiatives that Alaska Airlines incorporated to improve productivity and cut down waste in its system. Briefly explain each initiative. Two or three sentences for each initiative is enough.

Provide your responses in a word document and upload the document for submission.

2: Read the article “What is the right supply chain for your product?” and provide your response based on the article.


Consider this scenario – You are a management consultant and you have 2 clients.

Client 1 is a computer manufacturer.

Client 2 is a manufacturer of oral hygiene products such as toothpaste, mouthwash etc.

Your clients are asking you What kind of supply chain should I have for my products?”

What advice would you give to these two clients?

Read the article and provide your response based on the article. Provide adequate reasoning.


One or two line responses will not suffice. Ideal length of response – about 1 page (single spaced)

You should not be copying and pasting sentences from the article. Understand the concepts from the article and provide responses in your own words.

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